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The #instafluencerAcademy is a 8 week course for entrepreneurs, creatives, and sustainable brands in both product and service-based industries who want to take the headache out of planning and managing their Instagram while generating income and building a community around their brand that sells out their offers or product- on AUTO-PILOT. 

Let’s be real, sis…. It doesn’t take a genius to throw together a few posts and captions on Instagram. But when it comes to actually making money and attracting ideal followers who PAY-- well, that’s a whole other story! 

I know, I know. But you’ve heard and tried all the tactics recommended by “experts” -- follow-unfollow methods, engagement groups, niche hashtags, popular hashtags, all the freakin’ hashtags! Yet you feel like nothing seems to be working no matter what you do! 

Of course, you chase the elusive 10k, 15k, 20k, etc follower count, but how do you get your followers to BUY from you? Or better yet, sis -- how do you create an actual branded IG that brings in consistency? 

Hi Badass Boss Babe,

Real talk: pretty much everyone has a love/hate relationship with Instagram (#NoLiesDetected). The algorithm seems to have a mind of its own most days and showing up consistently every day can be daunting on one’s mental health. 

you open the app and feel like everyone has figured out this whole money-making secret off of Instagram!!! The FOMO is strong, but I see you sis!

Imagine This, Sis:

  • IG bringing in new leads, soul-mate followers, and actual SALES for your biz on AUTO-PILOT. #Effortless

  • a branded iG grid so flawless, so authentically YOU-- it would convert Yonce herself into a follower! 

  • Growth hacks and custom-tailored Social Media strategies that will grow your IG-- and get rid of that Unfollower Worry (‘cause you’ll be too busy securing a bag or two!)


  • peace of mind because you did the DAMN THANG without compromising your integrity! #BOSSGirlSeason 


  Look, Instagram can be confusing with all the continual algorithm changes. At this point, you’re doubtful of what even works on IG: Are hashtags still worth it? Do cohesive feeds ever matter anymore? Can you still get away with lizzo lyrics as your captions?

You see plenty of people generating income and thriving from their Instagram, yet it feels like a foreign concept to you. They might as well be making money on the moon, am i right? 

Still, FOMO wasn’t invented for nothing and you’ve got lots of it, hun. You keep saying to yourself, “when is it my turn?” Of course, you’re happy for everyone else, but you can’t help but wonder why this isn’t working for you.


Do you…

Want to know exactly how to grow not only your Instagram... but a community? 

Want to build a killer personal brand aesthetic? 

Want to stop feeling overwhelmed and confused about all things Instagram? 

Want to wake up to a waterfall of Paypal/Stripe notifications or simply people and brands in your dms? 

Then this is the program for you! 

8 weeks from now…

you won’t have to double-check how much money you have in your bank account before buying that sweet cup of coffee. 

you won’t have to decide between eating or, you know, doing literally anything. 

you will no longer be your niche’s best-kept secret (you’re gonna have to create a waitlist just to keep up with demand, damn!).


Ok So…..

What’s Included sis??

- 8 Online Course Modules

How-to’s, ways to create a branding strategy & social media mgmt, checklists etc. ($5,000 Value )

- Forever access to the Course

so you can continuously kill it on the gram

- Free IG Glow Up Guide + Go from none to 1K followers Hashtag List ($550 Value)

- Ability to ask ALL your questions from Lola with my Exclusive Academy Community on Facebook ($1,000 Value)

- Guest Experts ($3,000 Value)

Check out the Bonuses when paid in full

- 2 Monthly Coaching Calls with Me ($2,ooo Value)

- Free IG AUdit ( $550 Value)

we will deep dive into your IG and come up with a game plan on where you can capitalize and have the instagram you have always wanted

Total value: $12,100

CHeck out the Modules

Results you can Expect


  • Learn How to brand your insta and formulate your "I Help" statement so your instagram is SELLABLE. Niche down and establish your authority on Instagram


  • Learn how to edit your smartphone photos so they look unique, professional and STAND OUT. Also learn how to map out your IG content for months in advance #sheready

module 3: IG strategy + INSPO

  • Replicate my unique and proven method on creating HIGH engaging content that will INCREASE your income & engagement by THOUSANDS

module 4: Social Media Management IMPLEMENTATION 

  • Learn how I manage my instagram to make it work for my business

module 5: copywriting

  • Develop high-engaging captions that encourage your audience to comment and connect with YOU

module 6: Beat the algorithm ENGAGEMENT HACKS

- Know the secret to getting skyrocketing engagement within 1-hour of posting


  • Learn WHY your not getting results, and the proven Instagram Story Strategy to getting more money and engagement also Know EXACTLY how to encourage your audience to DM you so you can create strong relationships that CONVert

module 8 - IG AUTOMATION

  • Want to learn how to streamline and automate your whole insta? look no further this is where I teach you my exact method to achieve a thriving IG on Auto-pilot


8 MASTERFUL TRAININGS + IG Glow Up Guide + Hashtag Remix + Lifetime Course ACCESS

TOTAL VALUE: $12,100

YES I WANT TO Glow up sis

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It's not a matter of IF you can afford it sis, it's a matter of WHEN you're going to commit to doing it and get the results you wish you had everyday

can you afford to miss out?