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Want my help to develop a Branding strategy to monetize your Social influence online? How about letting me create your content or style a shoot?


The Branding Strategy is For:

  • The Bossbabes who are wanting to become a influencer on her socials or who is already making money online and wants to take her Branding Strategy to the next level .
  • The New Bossbabes or Influencer who is ready to create a Strategic brand and have a growing social media influence to sell his/her product or brand.



The Styling + Content Creation is For:

  • Anyone who doesn't have time to create content for their brand or company and focus on running their business.
  • Any Influencers or Bossbabes that want to have great content and a beautiful feed.
  • A Brand that needs to book a Stylist for upcoming Lookbooks and editorials.
  • A Photographer that needs to book a stylist for their clients. 

*You can also book Branding Strategy + Styling + Content Creation as a Package Deal